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Palace of Westminster


London – 2015

Finishing up London 2015 pic series with one more shot of the Palace of Westminster, Elizabeth Tower/Big Ben at night.

Humans of London


London – 2015

Humans of London


London Tower – 2015

Humans of London


London Tower – 2015

Humans of London


London Tower – 2015

Humans of London


London Tower – 2015

Humans of London Tower

Human leather bookLondon Tower – 2015

Finishing of my London series with a short “Humans of London Tower” set.

Tower Bridge from Tower of London

Tower London and BridgeView Across the Thames

The Tower of London  (“Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London“), located on the banks of the river Thames in central London, was first built in 1066 as part of the Norman conquest of England, the 11th-century invasion and occupation of England by Norman, Breton, and French soldiers led by Duke William II (William the Conqueror) of Normandy.

The White Tower, which gives the entire castle its name, was built by William in 1078, and was a resented symbol of oppression by the new ruling elite. Throughout the centuries the castle had been besieged multiple times, as controlling it was critical to controlling the country.

This view from outside the White Tower shows the Tower Bridge, a combined draw bridge and suspension bridge across the Thames which was built in 1886–1894.


Mind The Gap – London

Mind The GapLondon Underground

Queens Guard – London

Queens GuardBuckingham Palace

London Underground

Tube“The Tube”

Wide  angle shot of the London Underground (aka the Tube), which was the world’s first underground railway, opened in 1863. The nickname “The Tube” comes from the small, roughly circular tunnels which were dug to lay the tracks.

Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben)

E Tower BBPalace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster, meeting place Parliament of the United Kingdom. The palace was built in the eleventh century. Most of the original medieval structures were destroyed in fires. The current design was by architect Charles Barry, in the English Perpendicular Gothic style of the 14th-16th centuries. Can you see Big Ben? No You can’t! Big Ben is the BELL in the tower, not the tower…the tower is called ” Elizabeth Tower”, named in 2012 to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II (previously just called the Clock Tower).


Bench – London

London Bench