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Timeless Streets of Syracuse, Sicily

Syracuse 3 Syracuse 1 Syracuse 2


Ortygia, Syracuse’s Historic Center (Motherland Tour Stop 5)

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Once the largest city in the ancient world, Syracuse now encapsulates Sicily’s timeless beauty. And no part of Syracuse does this better than the Ortygia, the cities historic center and most atmospheric neighborhood. It is an island separated from the mainland by a few bridges, and teems with medieval lanes and cafes which spill out onto dazzling baroque piazzas. Walk in any direction, and you are ultimately greeted with fabulous views of the surrounding sparkling blue sea. Stroll the streets, take in a puppet show at the famous Piccolo Teatro dei Pupi, and have some of THE BEST seafood in Europe!

Parting Glimpse…

Piazza Armerina, Sicily, Italy


Piazza Amerina (Motherland Tour Stop 4)

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I couldn’t resist one last shot of the beautiful town of Piazza Amerina before we continue our counterclockwise circumnavigation of Sicily. Next stop…….

Rainy Night Shadows in Piazza Armerina, Sicily


Sicily Dog Walker B&W Italy

Piazza Amerina (Motherland Tour Stop 4)

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Happy New Year!