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Magere Brug (“Skinny Bridge”), Amsterdam


Magere Brug Amsterdam

Magere Brug (“Skinny Bridge”) over Amstel River, Amsterdam.

The first bridge at this site was built in 1691, with various replacements over the years. Once too narrow for two pedestrians to pass, hence the name, it was eventually widened in 1871. Local legend says the bridge was named after the magere zussen (skinny sisters), who lived on opposite sides of the river and had it built to make it easier to visit one another.




Garajonay National Park, in the center of the island of La Gomera, one of the Canary Islands (Spain). It was declared a national park in 1981 and a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986

The park provides the best example of Canarian laurisilva, a humid subtropical forest that 66 million to 2.58 million years ago covered almost all of Southern Europe.



La Gomera, Spain

This shot was taken on the beach of the island of La Gomera, the second smallest of Spanish Canary Islands located off the western coast of Africa