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The Holy Grail of The Motherland Tour




Tusa Street 2

Tusa Street 3


Tusa, My Great Grandmothers Birthplace  (Motherland Tour Stop 7)


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We finally arrive in Tusa, the town where my great grandmother was born and lived for 14 years. This is not the seaside resort of Tusa (Marina di Tusa or Castel di Tusa) but the remote sister village of Tusa Montagna (settled 403 BC!!) situated 600 m higher at the end of a wickedly serpentine 9 km road (more like a goat path, the girls were having panic attacks during the drive). Mind the goats in the road!  Traveling this path was the equivalent of passing through a time machine. The streets were like a movie set, seemingly unchanged for millennia. With these spectacular views of the coastline and the Mediterranean beyond, it is a wonder that anybody would ever want to leave. But after her father died, the money dried up and her family was forced to leave and move to the United States, finally settling in Massachusetts. Up next, the chapel she attended as a child and named her son, my grandfather, after.