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Autumn at the Reichstag Building, Berlin


Autumn, Berlin, Germany

Autumn at the Reichstag Building,  Berlin

The Reichstag Building opened in 1894 as the house of the German Parliment. The building was nearly burned to the ground in 1933 by arsonists, an event that the Nazi party used as evidence that communists were conspiring against the German Government.  Adolf Hitler, then the Chancellor of Germany, used this to convince the German President to pass an emergency decree suspending all civil liberties of the German people, ultimately leading to the consolidation of power by Hitler and the Nazi party. Many believe that Hitler himself orchestrated the blaze.

Autumn in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin


Autumn in Prenzlauer Berg,  Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg is a district in the former East Berlin which survived the bombings of WWII relatively unscathed, allowing it’s giant Industrail Age buildings to survive the war, only to rot away under the communist rule of East Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Prenzlauer Berg became a primary destination for the hipsters, artists, and entrepreneurs given its cheap housing and unique urban planning and architecture. It is now one of Berlin’s most beautiful neighborhoods, stuffed with pubs, restaurants, cafes, galleries and shops that provide a vibrant atmosphere both day and night.

This shot was taken on the grounds of the Wasserturm Prenzlauer Berg, Berlins oldest water tower, completed in 1877 and used until 1952.