peeks at the world through my lens

Introductions and beginnings…

Welcome to LIGHTBOX3d, my new photo blog. I am new to photo-blogging, so please excuse the rough edges at first as I learn  my way around.

I have been interested in photography for years, and had some general introduction into photography in college. I took a few photo and film classes back in the 35mm and darkroom days, but have not done much with it since then, and that was a LONG time ago. A few years ago I followed a friends lead into the digital SLR world with a new Nikon D90. Since then I have really developed a passion for the field, often at the expense of my VERY patient wife and kids!

I have gained most of my “new school” education online, thanks to the many wonderful and talented photographers who take the time to post , write, discuss, and simply educate those like myself who are hungry for information. Many thanks to all of you. While I don’t have a specific “Mission” for this blog, my intent is to explore my passion for photography mostly by posting images and surfing your sites to learn from the online community. Maybe even “contribute” to the online world  by answering any questions from those that have not stumbled into the darkroom as far as I have.

So with this post my blog is now up and running. Thanks for visiting, come back soon, post comments, help me learn…and go take some pics!


p.s.  Header photo: Winter on Lake Vattern. f/16, 2 min, ISO 200, 48 mm. Converted to B&W w Silver Efex Pro, retouched in Aperture.

2 responses

  1. The header image is haunting, I love the tiny huddled figures.

    December 8, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    • Thanks D&S! I took it in a small town in the middle of Sweden. Almost lost a few fingers to frostbite taking that one! Thanks for visiting.

      December 9, 2011 at 5:11 pm

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